My Mom Was Feeling Run Down

My mom is not the type of person to stay inactive for very long. She may be in her 70s, but age has not slowed her down at all. If anything, she is more active in some ways. When I went to visit her not long ago, she was actually taking a nap. I was surprised because I had never known her to do that other than when she is sick, which she assured me she was not. I had been trying to get her to see my chiropractor in San Rafael for some time, because I knew what a difference he had made in my own life.

She was very resistant though, mostly because she just was not familiar with what they could do. When she told me she was feeling run down and low on energy, I knew that one of two things was probably going on. She was either coming down with something, or her body was finally telling her to pay attention to it. Thankfully, it ended up being the latter. I was finally able to convince her to go see my chiropractor just for a check, and she has told me many times since that it was the best thing she could have done.

Obviously, I knew that, but I was glad she realizes it too now. For such an active person, it is just surprising that she didn’t start to feel run down until she did. The chiropractor scheduled her for a series of adjustments, and she feels much better after each one. I go a couple of times a year to have an adjustment, and she told me the other day that I need to go more often. How is that for an about face, after all the years I have tried to get her to go!